Noorilim Estate Mansion – Murchison

Today the View club that I am a member of had an excursion to Noorilim Estate in Murchison Victoria.

This Mansion was built in 1879 and since then has had 10 owners.  The first owners were the Winter family.  Its long history has included a sheep and cattle station, a thoroughbred horse stud, private residence and recently a vineyard.

Noorilim Estate

The property was purchased by the Menzies family in 1998.  Brandon Menzies and his wife live at the property and have recently began holding tours of the grounds and the mansion.

As you drive down the long winding roadway with the towering trees and vineyards on either side, you know your going to be in for a treat.

The tree-lined driveway with vineyards either side

As the huge double doors opened up and we walked into the entry, all 22 of us.  There was room for many more.  On every wall there was beautiful artwork.  I do remember a couple of pieces were done by Brett Whitley.

The main bedroom, the bed is so high off the ground you need a ladder to get up onto it. 


Not only was this a beautiful mansion so lovingly restored to its former glory, it was like you had stepped into an art museum. We were instructed we could take photos however no close up of the paintings.

The Entrance  – more artwork.  

Noorlim Estate is classified by the National Trust, is on the Victorian Heritage Register and Register of the National Estate.

Looking towards the front door – see the artwork everywhere


The homestead is surrounded by 22 acres of landscaped botanical gardens that are listed in the top 90 historic gardens by the Victorian Government.  Original tress are Moreton Bay Figs, Date Palms, Bunya Bunya, Hoop Pines, Kurrajongs, Citron Scented Gums, Cedars Elms and Oaks were planted shortly after completion of the homestead in 1879.  Making them some of the oldest specimens in the country.  It’s a beautiful place to  find a shady spot to enjoy a picnic in the peace and quiet.

The gardens and surrounding bushland are home to over 150 species of native birds and mammals including Laughing Kookaburras, Cockatoos, Parrots, Koalas and Kangaroos.

The lake and geese

After the tour we all had a cuppa and a biscuit then we made our way into the town of Murchison.

I throughly  recommend visiting this magnificent property.  Nothing is roped off, well not today as we wandered around.  A few of us went up the stairs to the bell tower, what an amazing view over the property.  Wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to take some photos I somehow managed to climb the tiny stairs.

The Tower


Many more photos of the Estate will be on my instagram page @3sistersabroad




Aussie Rules Football and Melbourne


So are you wondering where Aussie Rules Footy and 3 sisters abroad are connected? We grew up in Perth Western Australia where Saturdays were spent going to the Football. Well I did, by then Paula was living in England and Muriel was married and haAustralian Rules Football can go back as far as 1858, it was inspired by English public schoolboys football. In 1859, The Melbourne Football Club published the first laws/rules of Australian Footy, making it the oldest of the worlds football codes.


Originally it was called the VFL – Victorian football league.  It was played in all states but initially it was only Melbourne clubs that came under the VFL banner.  In 1982, the South Melbourne club moved to Sydney, where it became The Sydney Swans.  Even today on the top of the players shirts on the back they still have the initials of the SMFC.

In 1987, two more clubs were formed in other states.  The West Coast Eagles- Western Australia and Brisbane – Queensland.  In those days Queensland and New South Wales were predominantly Rugby.

In 1990 they changed the name from The VFL – Victorian Football League to the Australian Football League. Over the next 10 years 3 more non Victorian teams joined. in 1991 Adelaide Football club (South Australia)Fremantle (WA)in 1995 and Port Adelaide (South Australia) 1997. In 2011, Gold Coast (QLD) and 2012 Greater Western Sydney (NSW).  This brings the AFL to 18 teams. They play in all states, even have had games in New Zealand, China.  There are many ex pats all over the world who have started up Aussie Rules teams.

Now when the Eagles came on the scene I was living in Victoria.  Yes, I supported my home team and even went to the airport when they came in to town for the Grand Final. My daughter and I even got to hold the prestigious cup on their victory back in 1994.  We had gone to the airport to meet and greet them after their win.

Then the Fremantle dockers came on board, or Freo or the mighty dockers.  I began to realize that this was my team and began to stop supporting the Eagles.  They were huge back at home and here in Victoria there was only a sprinkling of us.  Oh and their original colors were red, white, green and purple.  In recent years they have dropped the red and green.  Purple is my favorite color.

So where is this going, and how does it connect 3 sisters?  Both Muriel and Paula live in Perth.  So of course they will support the two home teams, its only natural.  Paula loves Freo first then Eagles, Muriel the other way round.  So when they play each other Paula will go for the dockers and Muriel the Eagles.  For me its Fremantle all the way.  I am a member of the club, I am also in the cheer Squad.

On Saturday, I helped with the banner for our team to run through.  That was my first time on the hallowed ground of the MCG – the Melbourne Cricket Ground. To top it off my team won by 2 points.  It was a nail biter, but luckily I had my camera with me so I spent most of the game looking through the lens and taking pictures.

Our Captain Nat Fyfe for the Fremantle Dockers #7

Of course going to Melbourne takes it out of me.  Its nearly a 3 hour train ride, so that 6 hours of sitting in a cramped train.  With Osteoarthritis in the hip can mean being very sore for days after.  The fatigue is relentless , that brick wall hit me the next day.

To get down to Melbourne I catch the train at 7am and do not get home until after 9pm.  its a long day.  When I arrived I went to one of the many laneways that are famous all over the world and had breakfast.  As it was the Easter weekend, all the cafes that were opened were packed with locals and tourists. Your jam packed in like sardines in a tin and its eat and get out so the table can be used again.  The food was average.

Euraka Tower – has a “shelf that moves out thats all glass for a birds eye view of Melbourne

I then slowly made my way to the G – as the MCG is known.  Us Aussies like to shorten everything. I took a few photos of the Yarra River, then jumped (well climbed) onto a tram that would get me to the G. I took a few photos around the G, they have statues of all the famous footballers and cricketers.  Yes the MCG also hosts cricket from all around the world.  Last month Adele had her concerts there also.  Its a great ground, seats over 100,000 people, has 2 train lines on either side and lots of trams plus its a quick picturesque  walk into the city along the Yarra River. In 1956 the XVI Olympics were held in Melbourne.

Plaque for the 1956 Olympics
View of the Yarra River Melbourne


Countdown to France

Hi everyone hope your having a wonderful day.

Yesterday I purchased some new bamboo beach pants and a beautiful plum bamboo top from the Ecco Store in Albury.  I was over that way as I had a doctor’s appointment to get results from a few tests I have had done and some more prescriptions.

I am rapt as the new bamboo pants and top are a size down from what I wore last year.

Its 4 months till we head off.  Hopefully, by then I have had a few physio appointments and helped this stupid hip I have.  The rheumatologist has requested that I increase one of my pain medications.  So tonight I took the larger dose.  Can it work so quickly.  I have been in agony for weeks.  Tonight, movement is still hard but the throbbing pain has dulled.

The previous post I wasn’t sure if it was Osteoarthritis or Osteoporosis.  Its osteoarthritis along with the 2 muscles that hold it in are just hanging by a thread.

My general practitioner yesterday suggested a cortisone injection, to which I rejected for now.  I said i wanted to give the increase of medication and the physiotherapy a go first.

I have heard too many times that a cortisone injection only works for a while and sometimes not at all.

Anyway, 4 months till we fly to Nice and then spend time on the Rhone River and then the Seine River.



Whats in the suitcase?




Hello everyone, hope your well today.  It’s a bit warm here in Australia, we are expecting 41 deg cel today, so I am already under the air-conditioner . Turned it on at 8am!

I forgot to mention that I also had in my backpack a hooded raincoat, that I had folded neatly at the bottom of the main part of my backpack.


Now to the suitcase!

I had changed my diet to help my auto immune conditions and I had gone down a couple of dress sizes.  So I had to go shopping for new clothes.  I normally hate shopping, it fills me with dread.  I did a lot of research into what others had found worked best while traveling.

So I started the shopping at the end of summer sales.  I purchased some nice black culottes x 2 for a bargain of $10 each.  A couple of lovely tops, also only $10.  Bargains!  I thought these would be good for the evening on the cruise.  A nice pair of sandals, black pants and top and a scarf.  These worked really well.  They rolled well also.  Once on the ship I hung everything up in the wardrobe.

What was I going to wear during the day on the tours and busses.  I am not a “dress” person.  Paula loves skirts and that’s what she had.  Easy care clothes are the best! Both Muriel and Paula had easy care.  I had to get mine.

I found a blogger that traveled with bamboo clothes, so I did some more research and found a store in Albury New South Wales, the Ecco Store.  They had a lot of clothes that were 90% bamboo.   So I purchased 4 t/shirts, Red, Pink, Black and White and 3 pairs of their bamboo beach pants in black, navy blue and latte (love coffee haha) I also bought a pair of the shorts and took them, but never wore them.

It said on the website that they were antibacterial and easy care!Great for travelling!
No need to iron!

What  excited me was the claim “no need to iron”.  I hate ironing with a passion and if I can find easy care clothes I’m there!  On the cruise if we wanted anything ironed then we had to send to the laundry.

The pants and tops were amazing.  Even on hot days they kept me cool.  Since then I have worn them on cold days and yes they keep you warm as well.  Very impressed!  So comfortable, I have to look down to make sure I have them on. lol

I had several scarfs, they take up very little room and can make an outfit dressy or casual. Plus, if you spill food it 99% falls onto the scarf.  Easy to wash, easy to dry! They are great to wrap over the shoulders if it’s a bit cool.  For the times it might rain, drape over the hair!  Love scarfs. Oh and they are small so you can fold neatly into your bag.  Versatile!

I also took a couple of cardigans, one blue and one white.  Next trip I will just take one as most of the time in the evening we are on board the cruise ship and it’s not needed.

I did throw in at the last-minute a couple of other tops for either evening or day, however even though I wore them they were really not needed.

I also had a microfiber towel, purchased from Katmandu Stores here in Australia. Bargain, it’s normally $30, I got it for $15.

A pair of pink converse for the day for the rain days or the days where there is lots of walking.  Pair of sandals for the hot days and no rain.  1 pair of dress thongs for the evenings.  I did buy a pair of sketches for the plane but I didn’t like them and wont take them again. Actually the new puppy has made sure I wont be lol.

I also packed a cross body bag.  I had read enough to know that in some areas its wise to keep your bag close to you and a backpack just doesn’t allow this. I put my makeup in the bag and filled it with socks and undies.

I weighed the suitcase it was around 11 kg.  Coming home it was about 16 kilos .  We are only allowed 20 kilos on the cruise. Although the plane we were allowed 35 kg.

Oh a pair of summer  pyjamas.  I also took shampoo and conditioner and body wash in small containers.  A bar of soap to wash the clothes.

Breakdown is a bit like this.

3 x T-shirts – bamboo  (1 was in the backpack for emergency)

3 x trousers – bamboo beach pants

1 x bamboo shorts (not worn)

2 x cullotes

2 x dressy tops

1 pair of pink converse low tops

1 pair of sandals – Tao Brand

1 pair of dressy thongs

1 pair of summer pj’s

4 pairs of socks

Several pairs of underwear and bras.

1 cross body bag. – this was big enough to put my camera, lens, phone, extra camera battery and chip, wallet and numerous other things us women tend to carry around. Plus my puffer and some pain killers.

Several scarfs all different colours and styles

Makeup bag – Lipstick, face powder, extra hand cream.

3 extra summer tops (not needed)

2 cardigans – 1 white and 1 blue

1  lacy black long sleeve blouse –

1 microfiber towel – large

1 pair of bathers


Im pretty sure thats it.

Next trip will be less.

Coming soon some hints and tips.

Those that travel, what do you take.   What are you must have’s?  

Just for a bit of information it reached 41 deg celcius  here where I live. Tomorrow will be the same.  Good on ya summer.










Last Night in Paris


Before we left to visit Parc Monceau, we had spoken with the desk at the hotel for suggestions on somewhere to eat.  They suggested La Mascotte and said it wasnt too far from the Parc.  They showed us on the map how to get there.  So once we left the Parc we made our way to the restaurant.  As we walked up the street this photo below shows what we could see.

Arc De Triomphe

It was less than 5 minutes away from our Hotel!  All that time we had been going right and right ( which now is wrong) which would take 10-15 minutes to get to the Champs-Élysées  and this was right around the corner so to speak!

So anyone reading this if you get up to the Arc De Triomphe you can visit the Parc Monceau also.  Wow what a treat!

As we wandered up the street we passed an Embassy and this was parked out the front.

Red Car!


I had to take a picture of the Red Car!

We found the street the restaurant was in so of course we turned left.  Walked up a bit and there was nothing, no bistro’s or restaurants or cafes.  So we turned around and went back up the street.


As we walked up the street, Paula shrieked “there is my tea shop”.  It was closed, it was probably closer to 8pm.  Typical we find the tea shop right around from the Hotel.  You say we could have used google!  Paula’s I pad wasn’t working, Muriels internet hadnt worked the whole time we were away and I just didnt think of it.  Thats the brain fog settling in.

Mariage Frères

I also had to take a picture of the shop just to prove we at least found it!  260 Faubourg Saint-Honoré
Paris 8e   If anyone is interested.

There were so many bistro’s and Restaurants in this part of the street.  Indian, Italian, French you name it was covered.  We walked along a little bit and found two Bistros right next to each other. One was La Mascotte   La Mascotte – at 270 Rue du Faulbourg Saint-Honore 8E.  We thought we better go in as the desk clerk had made the trouble of booking our table.

The waiter was very pleasant, the prices were not like they are on the Champs Elyses.  It wasnt cheap, but the prices were not inflated for the tourists.  We found out a few things on our last day.  In Paris/France and probably Europe, they serve you wine by the glass, the bottle or “une carafe”   Our waiter finally explained what no one had before.  So we ordered a “une carafe” I think it was enough for 2 glasses each for Paula and I, or half glasses and a wee bit for Muriel to toast our last night in Paris.

On the menu I can only remember what we had for entrée, Paula and I ordered Cooked marrow bones.  Muriel may remember what she had, but for the life of me I can not remember. Out it came, 3 very large marrow bones each!  Had we asked we could have got away with 1 between the 2 of us.

Yummy Marrow Bones

Like little pigs we ate the lot.  Had I have been at home I would have just picked them up and sucked the marrow out.

Then we had our mains.  Paula had fish, Muriel had steak and I had a burger, which all came with chips.  I didn’t eat my bun, and it was a minced burger, and cooked rare. It was delicious.

Muriel then had dessert. I know because I have a photo of it!  It was pink and looked very cold 🙂

We finished our wine, it was nothing to rave about.  Paid our bill and decided that we  would walk  further down the street a bit more , then we crossed over and walked back up the street.   None of   us wanted to get back to the hotel as it meant our time in Paris and Europe would be over.

This is when we saw the sad part of Paris.  In many doorways there were the homeless setting up their beds to sleep until the morning.  Its happening all over the world, walk around Melbourne or visit Central Railway Station in Sydney and there are the homeless.

I lost count of the times we kept saying why didn’t we just come this way when we first arrived in Paris.  It actually was lucky for us with the shops being closed, we would probably been over the limit in our bags for the trip home!  So we window shopped.  Much cheaper.

I love the flower stalls everywhere in Paris, just so beautiful.  This was one on our way back to our Hotel.


We made our way back to the hotel past the Embassy, and turned right on the opposite side of the Parc Monceau.  It was getting dark and as I turned to take another picture I saw this.  I then crossed the street and took some more pictures up close.

Whenever you see the sun reflected in the window of a building it is an angel

We then turned and made our way back to our hotel.  It had been an amazing 2 weeks.  We had seen so much in so little time.  We had literally walked nearly all of Paris. Tomorrow we were leaving for the airport at 8am so we had to be up very early.  Our flight was due to leave at 12 Noon.

More on the evening/night and our flight in our next post!


3 Sisters Abroad

#3 Sisters Abroad.

I was turning the big 60 last year and my sisters thought a trip over to Europe would be the way to celebrate it.  They left it up to me to which one we did.  So then the confusion started. Do we do a cruise, a train trip or a bus trip or combine them. I was on the internet looking at trips, cruise’s.  The house was filled with travel brochures and any spare time I had would be reading them, marking them and then charging my mind.  By the time I had made my mind up (and that can be hard to do), we were then booked on a cruise that would leave Basel in Switzerland and head up the Rhine to Amsterdam. This cruise was for 7 days and 3 days in Paris.  It was decided that we would stay another couple of days in Paris and stay a night in Zürich on the way to our cruise.

Just before the bookings closed I asked my long time friend Lyn to join us.  Lyn was also turning 60 so it would have been a huge celebration.  She jumped at the chance.  The two of us talked every day on Facebook about what we were taking, buying etc.  So excited.

Unfortunately 7 weeks before we were due to fly my dear friend had a freak accident that ended with broken leg foot etc with plates and several screws.

First Tip: Always make sure you have travel insurance.

We 3 chatted on the phone regularly  sent emails on  what were we going to pack so we could  share the load.

I hadn’t traveled since 1999, when I went to the States for 4 weeks. Before that I had been to Thailand a lifetime ago and Great Britain back when I was 16. My 2 older sisters have traveled a bit more than me.  My sister Paula had been to Europe many times and the last time to Paris was only 4 years ago. Muriel the eldest, has been to Egypt, Hawaii , London, Paris and Singapore.

3 Sisters. would we fight, argue, or just enjoy the time together .  Who are we?

Muriel, the eldest, a widow, a teacher, mother of 3 children, several grandchildren and great grand children. Loves to dance and sing and plays the piano.

Paula, married and still in love with her hubby Mike,  mother of 3 children, 2 grandchildren. Loves to travel, garden and my co partner with the wine.

Bree – me,   single (divorced but it was a long time ago) Mother of 2 children.  Loves to read, dance, walk the dogs, Tai Chi and help Paula finish the bottle of wine. Travel, my heart now wants to travel and travel I will.  I also have 2 Rare Diseases, Tuberous Sclerosis and Lymphangioleiomyomatosis – Lam Lung Disease , Hashimotos Thyroid Disease, Meniers Disease, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, high blood pressure, Anxiety .  I think that’s it.

This blog is about our Trip to Europe, the funny bits, the not so funny and the wonderful places and things we saw and did.  The people we met on the trip, the long-lasting friendships

There will be some tips on what to take, what to leave at home.

What worked and what didn’t work for us.





The Mystery Blogger Award


Silvia from the  has nominated me for this award. Please go over and check out her blog.  You will not be disappointed. Silvia’s blog is full of happiness,  craft ideas and baking.  When I saw I was nominated, I was so happy.  I am also a bit late in doing this award again.  Oops!

The Rules…

  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well…Thank you and congrats to for creating this award!
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer the questions from the nominator.
  • Nominate 10-20 people.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice.
  • Share a link to your best post(s).


3 Things about me! 

  1. I love my girls, my dogs and my family and friends.
  2. I love traveling, cooking and reading.
  3. I love chocolate!

My answers to Sylvia’s questions.

1 .Whats the story behind your blog name? The 3 sisters story is we were on our first holiday together since we were kids. We were on a cruise in Europe and we found some of the other passengers were acting a bit weird towards us.  So over the first couple of nights we would sit and giggle about how they would act if we were famous.  Who would portray us in the movie deal that would come from the book from the blog I decided I would write. There are a couple of posts all about this.

2. Whats the one song you sing in the shower?  I have the radio on sometimes when in the shower but I actually don’t sing.  I sing in the car but it’s whatever is on the radio.

3. Whats the first thing you would do during a zombie apocalypse? Find the Terminator.

4. What are 3 words you like? amazing, wonderful and gorgeous!

4. What is the one place in the world you have always wanted to visit?  Italy


My best posts, well I think they are:

Whats in the suitcase?

Can you really be lost in Paris?

Parc Monceau


To those who wish to do this award here are your questions.

  1. What inspires you?
  2. Name your favorite movie/tv show
  3. Favorite food
  4. Favorite season
  5. Where would you love to travel to?


My nominees…This time if you want to do this post your nominated, just let me know when you do it so I can come over and have a read.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading.



Gluten Free Soft Centered Chocolate Puddings Or Chocolate Fondant…


Chocolate Soft Centered Pudding  – see the hard top with the chocolate oozing…


Gluten free soft centered chocolate puddings…or in our restaurant I called them self-centered chocolate puddings.  You know for a while I wondered why our customers always had a laugh, till one day I was told what I was saying.


These are so easy to make.  I make them early in the day or the day before and keep them in the fridge till I want to bake them. They take roughly only 10 mins in the oven.  It does depend on your oven though.

what you need

4 buttered ramekins.  I have the medium size ramekins, you can use whatever size you want however baking time will depend on the size.  You do have to keep an eye on them when in the oven.


Melt chocolate and butter together either in a microwave or a double boiler.

185 grams of really good chocolate.  I use 80% chocolate.

185 grams of butter (please do not use margarine)


3 eggs

3/4 cup of castor sugar – tonight I used coconut sugar

3 tablespoons of Gluten Free Self Raising Flour


then mix in the butter/chocolate mix.  Pour into the ramekins.

The oven should be at 200 celsius.  So yes a very hot oven.

Once the top is getting hard they are ready.  Serve with ice-cream and cream.  You can also serve with berries and ice-cream.

The top should start to crack when ready…inside the chocolate is oozing, so when you put your spoon into the top.  If you leave them in the oven too long the chocolate will be hard.


Please enjoy.







May 15th – TSC Global Awareness Day

Today is TSC Global Awareness Day.  You might ask what is TSC?  It stands for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.  Tuberous Sclerosis affects the eyes, skin, brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, and some also have epilepsy.

I have Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and so does my youngest daughter Jennifer. I was officially diagnosed when she was 1. TSC in my case was a mutant gene, however once you have this rare disease the chances of having a child with TSC is 50/50. 1 in 2 chance of having a child with TSC.  I do remember my parents being tested which came up clear.  I am the youngest of 4 so the chance of my sisters or brother having TSC was ruled out when my parents tests came up clear.  This meant something happened with the genes when i was conceived.  When I was 6 or 7 the doctors removed some facial lumps off my face as they thought these were cancer.  They also did radiation on my face and now it looks like this radiation has caused the Thyroid disease I now have.  As a child I remember going to school showing off my scars.  Show and Tell.  I however have no recollection of these tubers being removed.  It’s funny how we can remember some things and not others.  I suppose that’s a good thing.

TSC affects everyone differently, some mild often going through life without even knowing they have this disease. Some as myself do not know until they have a child born with TSC.  Others are severely affected and will need ongoing care for the rest of their life.

Jennifer was diagnosed with seizures at 6 months and at 1 with Tuberous Sclerosis.  When i was 3 months pregnant with her, bearing in mind I had already had 1 daughter, they discovered I had large kidneys.  My doctor at the time was amazed that no one had noticed my large kidneys when pregnant with my first child Sarah.   I was sent to Kidney specialist where I was given a biopsy to rule out cancer.  The results came in that I could continue with the pregnancy.  When I was due to have Jennifer I went down to Perth, I was living in a remote country town called Derby in the far north-west of Western Australia.  After her birth, I stayed in hospital for a bit longer where a whole lot of tests were done.  I only remember some scans but these let the specialist know I had what they called polycystic cysts on them.

So when Jennifer turned 1 we had to go down to Perth for her to see a neurologist as she was having more seizures.  I also went and saw the Kidney specialist  who after hearing the diagnosis of Jennifer with Tuberous Sclerosis he advised that’s what I had. As I already had one child without TS he was hoping that she would be ok.

I would have 6 monthly appointments to ensure my kidney function was good and that was about it.  On the other hand Jennifer was having a hard time.  Her seizures were not controlled and they kept changing.   Over the years we found that she was intellectually disabled, had Autism and behavior problems.  These are all part of Tuberous Sclerosis.

Jennifer now lives in a group home where she has full-time care.  She is 35 years old however is about a 3-5 year old in most things.

TSC affects most of my body.  I have Angiomyolipomas (AMLs)  on my kidneys and liver.  I have all the skin manifestations, see link below.  I have a little bit of calcification on my brain.  I also have lung disease called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis or Lam for short which is another rare disease.  I will do another post on June 1st which is World Wide Lam Awareness Day.

Currently I see a Lung specialist , a Dermatologist and a Rheumatologist at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne   and soon to be added a kidney specialist.  As you would have read earlier I was seeing a kidney specialist.  I was living in West Australia at the time I was diagnosed.  Years later I moved to Victoria and did see a kidney specialist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital who in turn said I was fine and didn’t need to keep going to the clinic.  So I have managed my TSC via my general practice doctor.  The Dermatologist at the Alfred Hospital has prescribed me a new cream for the tubers on the face.  These tiny little tubers would bleed if knocked or when I had a cold and the constant rubbing of tissues or hankies would be enough for them to bleed.  They would bleed for hours, this is what can happen with the kidneys.  This new cream has reduced the redness of the nose and cheeks. The little tubers at the side of the nose have gone, disappeared.  How great is that!  This new drug is certainly a wonder drug.  Mind you it’s not cheap!

I have now been advised my kidneys are nearly just tubers/tumors and will need to see a kidney specialist.  There is a new drug that has shown it can reduce the size of the tubers/tumors and stop them from bleeding. This new drug is very similar to the one I use on the face.  There is a 7% chance of these tubers bleeding internally. I hope I can be put on this new drug.

I have added a link so you the reader can click and go over to the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Australia page and learn a bit more about this rare disease.

I thank you for your time in reading this. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me.

Mothers Day

Tomorrow here in Australia we celebrate Mothers Day.  Many cafes and restaurants will be having Mothers Day luncheons.  Home Kitchens will have every pot and pan and spoon dripping with pancake mixture, runny eggs, burnt toast  as the children with the help of dad make Mum breakfast in bed.

Bunches of Chrysanthemums and roses will be given to Mothers and Grandmothers, or chocolate and wine  or all 3.

So what is a Mother?

To me a mother is someone who loves unconditionally.  Is that you?

I am the mother of 2 -2 legged girls/ladies and the mother of 2 4 legged girls.  I am a grandmother too….Yes my daughter has a beautiful kitty  his name is Harrison and he is my fur grandchild.  So I am a Nanna.

Tomorrow, celebrate the women in your life.  Tell them you love them.



One lovely blog award

I woke up this morning to find I had been awarded The One Lovely Blog Award by Deepika from  Please go and visit Deepika’s blog, you will not be disappointed. I always feel inspired reading this blog.  Thank you so much Deepika, I am humbled.

This also gives me the opportunity to thank everyone who reads, likes and comments on my blog.  A huge thank you to all of you.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day wherever you are in this big beautiful world.






  1. Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post.
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  3. Must add 7 facts about themselves.
  4. Nominate 15 people to do the award!

7 facts about myself:- 

  1.  Love the color purple
  2. Love to cook and eat
  3. Love the dishwasher to clean up my mess from cooking
  4. Love the beach
  5. Love romantic comedy movies –  Rom Com!
  6. Love murder mystery movies and books
  7. Love to play darts but not the 501 game.  I’m hopeless at that.  We play another game and some days Im good and some days lucky to get a dart in the board.

So, now comes the nominees, here they are

Please check out the above blogs all so different yet all very inspirational.

Yes I know I haven’t nominated 15.  For those of you reading this nomination and would like to join in just do it.

Cheers  Deepika.




Dry Needling and Massage



18 months ago my wonderful doctor referred me to the Osteopath at the clinic.  I had been having pain in my right hip and often would limp when getting up from sitting to walking. He noticed that I was lopsided.   My right side was lower than my left.  The Osteopath did massage, cupping and dry needling.

Often my right leg would just drop, give way.  I haven’t fallen over as I somehow have managed to catch onto something, or someone.

Even last year on our Europe Trip I had a few occasions when this happened.  Of course I thought nothing of it.  This was me and I wasn’t going to let this stop me from traveling.

The pain in my hip area was getting worse so as you would have read in a previous post my Rheumatologist had organized an MRI to find out what was going on.  The result of that was Osteoarthritis .  The two muscles the Gluteus Medius and the Gluteus Minimus Muscle that connect or hold the hip were practically torn off.  This would explain quite a few things.

My Rheumie has requested that I have some physiotherapy to see if this can help my pain levels.  Last week was my first visit and the physio really worked on the hip and surrounding areas.

Today was my second visit.  Last week we had talked about dry needling so today she massaged for about 10 minutes then proceeded to put several needles in.  For me it does not hurt, there is a slight tingle as they go in.  She leaves them in for about 10 minutes.  While I was laying there I had to keep saying to myself don’t roll over.  That would have been a castrophy.  Imagine all those tiny needles going right in.  Ouch!  I pictured her using  hair tweezers to remove them.  Yes my mind wanders sometimes.

After 10 minutes she pushed them in a little further.  Only one caused a bit of pain and that was the one on the hip.

Another 5 minutes and the physio removed them all.

What is dry needling?  It used to be called trigger point needling.  It uses the same type of needles that is used in Acupuncture.  A lot of articles on the internet do not give a good report on this therapy.   I have been having this type of therapy now for 2 years, and for me it defiantly gives me a lot of relief.

I was a bit sore on the drive home.  At least it was a quick drive home.  The benefits of living in a country town.  Everything is close by.

I was very sore last night and today I am sitting down with a heat pack on my back.

Tuesday week, I am booked in for a 20 minute class at the hydrotherapy pool with one of the physiotherapists.  This will give me exercises to do in the heated pool to help heal these muscles.

I am looking forward to the hydrotherapy class, as the heated water will help even more with giving relief in the pain area.

I throughly recommend either Osteopath or a Physiotherapist to work on sore muscles.  Here in Australia as I am listed as a chronic illness patient with my doctor I can get 5 “free” bulk billed appointments in a 12 month period with either of these.  I can then elect to pay for further treatments if I wish.





light and carefree look

This is the makeup I use. Its the only one that I have found not to cause any reactions. Check it out

Lorela Giannini is an Italian makeup artist. Visiting us at our Bondi Beach office, she met our beautiful writer Kathryn “Rainbow” Lyster, and the 2 of them had great fun playing with our makeup!

Forget rigid routines and strict regimes. We want you to have fun with our cosmetics! Our range of natural makeup is full of easy to use products that give you more time in your life, not less. Real beauty is natural and effortless.

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I Need Your Help

Do you need some makeup? perfume? Then check out this blog.

Avon 365

I’ve been working diligently on this blog. I have 30 followers so far, I know I need more. I was hoping to have made some sales by now via this blog, but so far I have not.

If you can tell me what I am doing wrong, or what I could do to make you my customer, please share! I need help here, I am struggling with this issue.

I ask you please share my blog with your friends and family. I want to be a good Avon Representative, not a mediocre one.

I don’t want to be in the gray (daily prompt) with this adventure. I want to be in the black. So please share my blog, make a purchase yourself, or contact me with what I am doing wrong.

Your friendly Avon Representative

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Monte Cassino

My friend Esther has written this tribute to the fallen, over 4,200 Australians and New Zealanders and Canadians who lost their life at the Battle of Monte Cassino.

Richer For Travel

A hush descended upon the group as we alighted from the bus on a sunny, warm Italian summer’s day. The quiet immediately grabs you. The utter tranquility. You are enveloped by an overwhelming sense of sadness and reverent silence. Sorrowful echoes of the past are felt in the warm breezes that touch your cheek…

As ANZAC day draws near, I wanted to remember our visit to the Cassino War Cemetery, during our journey from Sorrento to Assisi.


The Cassino War Cemetery is a war grave cemetery in the commune of Cassino, Province of Frosinone, 139 kilometres south-east of Rome.

Cassino War Cemetery is the burial site for thousands of Commonwealth soldiers who died during the Italian Campaign in World War Two. Also on the site stands a memorial to those soldiers whose graves are not known.

The Cassino War Cemetery is the second largest Second World War Cemetery in Italy, with over 4200 Commonwealth graves belonging to…

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