Zurich 28/7/16

Such a long day, left home at 6.30 am in the morning of the 27/7/16 here in country Victoria.  Arrived at the airport at 9.30 and went and found somewhere I was able to charge my phone and have a cuppa and something to eat.  Had to wait till 12.30 pm to check in so it was a bit of a wait.  Went to Hudson’s right next to the International airport and began to sit it out.  The young guy next to me started chatting, he was from the states and was waiting for his flight to Perth where he would then do a trek over the Nullabor Plains with some friends.

That 3 hours went so quickly as we chatted.  Thank you to whoever you are 🙂

Checked in and noticed I had been put in a different seat so I text Paula so when they checked in at Perth they could be near me.

My flight to Singapore was good.  Arrived before the girls so I wandered around the airport, used the toilets.  Can I just say ‘CLEAN’….VERY CLEAN…you could eat off the floor.

Finally the girls came through the gates and we hugged and laughed and then went and had a cuppa till our flight to Zurich was to leave.  They were given new seats, however not next to me.  We were on an airbus and we were upstairs.

The flight attendants allowed Paula and Muriel to come and sit with me as I had 2 spare seats right next to me.

We ate, we watched movies, we slept.  A 12 hour flight that wasn’t that bad!

We were on our way, 2 weeks of fun, laughter and lots to see and do and eat.  We had places to visit and people to meet!!


We arrived around 8 am at Zurich  and going through customs was very quick.  We wandered up to our hotel which was at the Airport.

Checked in to the hotel and grabbed our handbags and off we went exploring.  Caught a train into the city.  Somehow we got out of the wrong exit and ended up lost for a bit.  Managed to find our way back into the main part of the station.  Saw the WC signs so made our way to the toilets. ( later on our cruise director Eric called them Winston Churchills )


.  However, at the train station you must pay to use the loo.  None of us had any franks. So we held on, went to the tourist information at the main station of Zürich. Hoping they had toilets.  None, we had to wait, the roof was made of glass and it was so hot. The sun bearing down on us.  After a very cold winter here in Australia it was such a start contrast.

Booked into a classic trolley tour of the town and then a boat cruise on Zürich Lake and headed off.   We passed a Starbucks so went in and asked if we could use the toilets which we could but we had to purchase something.  I purchased a coffee and asked for a small cup.  Everything is big.Even my small cup was huge.  Muriel and Paula opted for cold tea drinks.

The bathroom had a lock with a pin number….5555…the guy who told us the pin  was so funny …55 55 or its 555 5 or 4 5’s ……I was in tears with laughter.

Once we had finished our drinks we headed over the road to our Trolley Tour and away we went.  Zürich is a very clean city.  In fact all the cities and towns we went through were very clean.

We met a lovely lady on the Tour she was heading back to Italy after spending time in Zürich with her partner.  She thought she would do the tour while waiting to fly home.

The lake in Zürich is huge and as it was summer, everyone was either sun baking, swimming, or boating.  The Swiss Alps surround this lovely city.


We also found a bridge – like the one in Paris with all the locks of love on it. Lovelock Bridge – Muhlesteg foot bridge.


.After the Lake tour we walked back to the central station via the Old Town of Zürich, our introduction of lots of stairs.  It was very hot the day we were in Zurich, so all the walking and climbing stairs eventually deserved some lunch and wine at one of the many outdoor pubs. The food was yummy, but we could have been starving 🙂

We all finally decided to go back to the hotel, but of course I thought we were waiting on the wrong platform to get back to the hotel.  All the suitcase’s everywhere didn’t give me a hint lol – i must have had too much sun,  our station to get off was the airport station.  Oh we purchased a second class ticket and when the train came in we had to make a run for it as our cabins were at the back end of the train ..

Too much sun alright.  I wanted to put the extra lock on our room.  I wasn’t able to do it so trusty Paula came over and did it.  Then we discovered we were locked in our room. We rang reception for help.  They didn’t really understand but sent someone up to help..we were laughing so hard  we never heard them.  So we rang again this time we tried to stifle our laughter…

Picture this. We had tried to use eye brow tweasers  and even ice tongs to get ourselves out.  All to no avail.  We had called Muriel in her room but what could she do apart from laugh.

I went to our window which overlooked reception and pressed myself on the window and screamed help….no one heard

.then a knock at the door we open slightly and a dark long  shiny hand comes around the door. That picture would have sold millions if I had stopped laughing enough to take it.

Photo moment gone…..but he manages to help us out.  We could see us locked in this hotel room with food being slid under the door.

That was the start of our holiday one of many laughs and tears of happiness.



Most toilets in Europe you pay to use.  May as well do what the Europeans do and go to a cafe and have a coffee or a wine or 3.













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