via Daily Prompt: Jump

Never in my most wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would get the opportunity to go on a cruise up the Rhine and spend time in Paris with my 2 sisters.

It would have to be the most amazing 2 weeks I have ever had.  Spending time with those you love and call family is unforgettable!

If you ever get the chance Jump in and do it, you will not be disappointed!




2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Jump At The Chance!

  1. We three sisters have all chosen such different paths with our lives. However the best thing is “WE ARE FAMILY”
    Take the time to connect with your family. Its great.

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    1. Yes we are family, and your right we have all gone our own way. I wondered if we would stay close after Mum’s passing, I believe we are closer now than ever before. So if anyone is thinking should I go away with my family, do it.


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