Packing my back pack!

Packing my back pack was so much harder than the suitcase.  I had my passport and travel papers in the nice wallet the Tour Company sent.  A small clear zip lock bag with my moisturizer and lip balm, and I also had some face wipes.

My phone and its charger.,  travel plug, the charger for my camera.  The camera I kept in its camera case for the flight.  Backpack on back and camera bag over the shoulder.

One tip was to pack a change of underwear in case of delays.  I had undies and a clean top which I packed in a zip lock bag. Zip lock bags are the best!  This came in handy on the return journey in Singapore when the flight was delayed for hours.

I had a couple of magazines to read on the bus to the airport. 2.5 hours is a long time to be glancing out the window and the seats are too uncomfortable on the bus to have a sleep. Plus I caught that bus before 7am in the dark.  So at least an hour of staring out into the darkness.

Bottle of water until I went through customs.

All of that doesnt sound too bad does it? Wait for it, there’s more to come!


Then I had my medications for all my chronic illness’.  The zip lock bag for them was  huge.

Paula had her medications as well as some anti diarrhea medication.  Which came in handy on our last morning in Paris.

Those of you have chronic health conditions would totally understand why most of my bag was filled with my precious drugs.

My normal everyday medication – Thyroid medication for my Hashimoto Thyroid disease  blood pressure medication, pain medication for Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia.   medication for my Meniers disease.  I take two types over the counter and prescribed pain medication. Then as I have a lung condition my dr organized prescriptions to be made up a week before flying.  These included:

Antibiotics x 3 – just in case of getting sick with a lung infection

Prednisolonen – in case my asthma is really bad

Valium – I suffer with anxiety and flying makes it so much worse.  It also affects my breathing and my asthma can flare.

Disprin – disovable aspirin in case I get my headaches.  (My neurologist said this was the best thing to stop a headache in its tracks.

Paula had the gastro stop and the one to help you go.  (we used the gastro stop on our last morning in Paris after the rich food we ate.

So by the time I put all of this in the backpack it was full!  It wasnt a huge backpac I might add  just one of those that tour companies give you.



10 Replies to “Packing my back pack!”

  1. Your post is timely, as I’m packing my bag to fly to be with my grandson, as my daughter’s baby is due. I hate packing. Usually I want gifts for the children, and then there’s not much space. I think you’re very brave travelling with health problems. Thanks for your follow!
    Keep safe!

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  2. I think hand luggage is always the hardest. What to take, what to put in the suitcase etc.
    I opted for a small cross body bag and i even managed the extra underwear and a change of top.
    Of course i made the awful jokes everyday when we took our precious medication that our bags were getting lighter.
    Room for more stuff.

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  3. This made me smile 😊 I’m really enjoying reading about your adventures! I also have Hashimoto and Fibromyalgia, and the ‘brain fog’ that goes with it, I’ve definitely had to take an emergency trip once and forgot to pack my medication lol

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    1. Thank you so much. Ah the brain fog. I sometimes call it grey fog (if the grey hair is poking through) brain fog and hashi fog. I suppose it could be called fibro fog too. Once the fog hits it really is like an english fog..thick and sticky. I went to Perth once for a few days and completely forgot my thyroid medication. eeek. I made sure on the Europe trip no medication was left at home. But I had packed that a few days before hand. I am glad it made you smile. I do hope I continue , I know the 3 of us laughed our way across Europe, with the help of a glass of wine or two!

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