I Need Your Help

Do you need some makeup? perfume? Then check out this blog.

Avon 365

I’ve been working diligently on this blog. I have 30 followers so far, I know I need more. I was hoping to have made some sales by now via this blog, but so far I have not.

If you can tell me what I am doing wrong, or what I could do to make you my customer, please share! I need help here, I am struggling with this issue.

I ask you please share my blog with your friends and family. I want to be a good Avon Representative, not a mediocre one.

I don’t want to be in the gray (daily prompt) with this adventure. I want to be in the black. So please share my blog, make a purchase yourself, or contact me with what I am doing wrong.

Your friendly Avon Representative

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3 Replies to “I Need Your Help”

  1. I hear your call but I’m blank as a wall! No help from me except to say “Keep trying, others have done it, you can too.” Hoping for a mentor for you. Avon is a good product; I wish you well in your endeavor.

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