Dubai Airport

Our first stop was Dubai.  We arrived there about 2.30 am.  We thought we had found our gate to catch the flight to Nice. However, discovered that in Dubai they do things just a little bit different.

As we walked trying to find a cafe etc we discovered we had to go through a customs, passport check.

Finally we were through and could then get ourselves a cuppa, something to eat perhaps.

Don’t laugh for those who know me but we decided on Macdonald’s.  They had a Mcafe so we found a seat and I went up and ordered 2 large flat whites.  It was $25 UAE for the 2 or $11.25  Not that expensive lol although I had a mild heart thumping when I saw the $25 go up on the till.  The coffee was lovely.


As anywhere in the world at airports you chat to the people sitting next to you.  A family of 4 were on their way to Ireland to see the grandparents. They were from Australia, they had landed not long before us.  They were from Sydney.

We then wandered around looked in the Duty Free shops.  Lots of lovely things to buy however both of us couldn’t be bothered buying anything.

Eventually we went to our departure lounge.  Again we had to go through a check in system.

The airport is having lots of building going on, so you can imagine how crazy it all was.  Dubai is a  very busy airport, but will be honest I much preferred Changi Airport.  Much cleaner and they had an awesome transit lounge.

So back onto the next flight and onwards to Nice!

I was looking forward to watching some more movies and fingers crossed some sleep.  Didn’t want to get to Nice and be that tired that we would waste the afternoon.

France here we come!  It’s scary because you want to get there, but you know that it goes too quickly and before you blink your home and the holiday is but a memory.







RA Blog Week 2017 – A Feast of Great Blogs — My Medical Musings

This week has been the Annual Rheumatoid Arthritis week. My friend Sam from Medical Musings has put together some amazing blogs on RA. Each day they were given a topic to write about and at the end of the week they were asked to highlight some of the great blogs. My friend Sam from Medical Musings has put together the blogs she loved.


This week I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the Annual RA Blog Week. It’s a wonderful event for bloggers from around the world to share their insights on what it’s like living with Rheumatoid Arthritis & often other associated autoimmune diseases. Each day of the week a topic is chosen for bloggers to write […]

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Emergency department at the hospital

Hello Everyone

Yesterday I saw my doctor who agreed with me that I should head to the ED.  He wrote a letter for me to take along with all my details of my MRI and X-ray.

Arrived there today at 12 ish…wheelchair went to the triage who gave me some great pain killers.  I was only sitting in the ED for less than 10 minutes when I was wheeled in to be looked at.  I was home by 2pm.

Crutches, pain killers, toilet seat so I can sit easily and a really good splint that I must wear day and night.  I will see the surgeon next week at the clinic at the hospital.

The nurse that took me in knew my pain as she has had 2 ACL’s and fracture.  She is a professional soccer player.  It was nice when someone understands the pain you’re in.

I actually think out of all of this that my pain level is quite high.

Anyway I will have plenty of time to write on the blog and do some posts that I have been nominated for.  I have also been asked to write a couple of posts on other blogs re chronic illness/pain and traveling.


Thought I had better keep you all posted.


Bree (the youngest sister)


In flight vegetarian meals!

We left Perth on time and Muriel and I got settled in and began watching the huge amount of movies that were on offer with Emirates.

I had ordered vegetarian meals for my flight as they were not able to offer fish free meals.  My first meal came and all I can say it was horrid.  Somehow they got confused and had put me on a strict vegan.  I couldn’t eat it.  I have cooked vegetarian and also eaten vegan meals and they have been yummy.

I did go down to the galley and asked if they had any leftover meals I would love it.  Explained to them of my fish allergy.

Within minutes I had a lovely chicken meal that any one eating paleo or clean eating would have loved.

They also said they will let the next leg – flight and return flights to Australia to change it to a standard meal.

The wine was lovely 🙂

The Wine
The Wine


So our first stop would be Dubai.  That’s  a post in itself.

Update on My Knee!

Had my MRI last week. Finally got the results!  I have done a ACL – anterior cruciate ligament and a possible fracture.

The surgeon won’t see me for 6 weeks after the injury to allow it to settle. If i go via the private system which this surgeon only does it will cost anywhere from $4,000 to $35,000.  He wants to do an overseas trip on me I think!  I do have an appointment with him next month to see what my options are.  I also have another appointment with my dr next week to 1. get a disability parking space 2 see if i should just go to the outpatients hospital and get it done via the public system.

My travel insurance company is playing hardball and are refusing to cover me for this.  My point is I was traveling while it happened.  It was on the flight home, where at 32,000 ft can you find a MRI or X-ray … when it happened I thought it was just a twist or sprain.  The insurance company are saying as no medical bills while overseas and only possible medical bills here in Australia they wont pay.  It happened to Paula’s hubby as well.


Watch this space as I am fighting it have already lodged a claim with the Financial ombudsman here in Victoria.

I have to stay off the leg as much as possible, wear a knee brace and either crutches or a walking frame.  Crutches I am just all over the place.  A few years ago I broke my ankle in quite a few places and had to use crutches.  You should have seen me use them.  Going up stairs I would sit on my bum and slide up and down stairs.  Can you picture it 🙂

I have learnt that my pain level is quite high.  I must admit I do wake up in the middle of the night in extreme pain.

Our holiday to Spain and Portugal next year will be on hold.  We hope to go in May 2019.


If you’re wondering what an ACL is…check out on google gary lyon acl….. a footballer here in Victoria who did the same injury, but you should watch it.  A big footballer who cries more than me.  Its used often as a joke on a footy show here in Australia.  He really did it and really cried like a baby.  I yelled out in pain then just dealt with it.


Bree – the youngest sister


The start of the holiday

I was flying to Perth for a few days before heading to France with my sister Muriel.  It was so we could have a catch up with Paula who unfortunately was not going to be coming with us.

I was driven to the airport bus and encountered my first little issue.  It was cold while waiting and I went to use the bathroom in the foyer.  Only to find it locked, so I went to the reception and was advised I would have to get the key from either cafe at the front of the building.  Somehow both had steps going into their establishments  and with my suitcase, backpack and camera case plus my body was a bit sore I was wondering how I was going to do this.  Mother nature was not going to wait so I managed to get the key.

Then the bus pulled in and I got a seat half way down the bus.  Suddenly, I realized I had left my thyroid medication at home.  3 weeks without my medication was not something I even wanted to think about.  With a bit of help from my housemate who sent a copy of my thyroid medication via the phone and my best friend in Perth, who called a compounding pharmacy and they said they would be able to organize it for me.  We picked it up on the Sunday.  Lyn was lovely and had already worked out if we couldn’t get any she would let me have some of hers.  That’s  what friends are there for.

Arrived at the airport and checked my bags in and then went and had a wine at the wine bar.  Could have had a few more but thought getting on the flight a bit under the weather was not a good idea.  So I then went and enjoyed a coffee and a slice.

My flight was ok, no inflight entertainment as I only had my phone and hadn’t even thought about downloading the app to watch movies.  So I actually read a magazine!

My sister was there to pick me up and we went to her place where we had a cuppa.

Next morning, Lyn arrived at Muriel’s and off we went to church.  Yes you read it. Church, no bolts of lightning, fire or wrath!  Just a lovely church service and morning tea afterwards.

Lyn then took me to visit her Mum who has been in hospital for a while now. Her mum was on fire and was in such good form.  It was a lovely time.  However, she can change at a drop of a hat.  Lyn if your reading this I do understand.

After the visit we went to a local pub for something to eat and drink.  It was nice, good food and good company.

Later Lyn dropped me back at my sisters and we had dinner together then Lyn went home.

Monday we were all meeting for lunch at the Herdsman Pub.  Lyn, Muriel, Paula, Richard – who met on the cruise last year and me!

It was a great lunch lots of laughs. We talked about last years holiday and our trips we were all about to go on. Richard was going on a small ships trip and would still be away right now, I think.

Tuesday, I went to the hairdresses near Muriels place for a shampoo and trim.  I had some streaks put in my hair the week before I was leaving, to hopefully not allow the grey to be the shinning light on my head . Last minute shopping, then finish packing the suitcase and we would be heading off.

Just after 5 we were picked up by friends of Muriel and taken to the airport.  This time we were flying with Emirates and going via Dubai.

Lyn met us at the airport and we enjoyed a cuppa and something light to eat.

We then checked in for our flights and luckly we managed to get seats next to each other.

Said goodbye to Lyn and we went through customs and passport check.

We were about to head off to France, 2 weeks on cruise ships!  Holiday of a lifetime!

Our friends Peter and Tanya who are in England were flying to Nice where we would meet them at the hotel in the evening.

Our flight was boarding – Nice France  here we come!

L to R – Richard, Muriel, Lyn and Paula
Right to Left – Paula, Lyn, Muriel, Richard and Me – Bree



Wow I have been struck with the most awful flu/cold and of course the pain in my knee is still driving me nuts.  The Xray showed nothing so I head to the hospital on Tuesday for a MRI on the knee.

This cold thing keeps me awake at night, coughing so much I have to keep sucking on my asthma puffer to help breathe.  I am sitting up in bed right now as laying down even on my side causes me to cough way to much.

My days are spent in the lounge with the heater on and dozing on and off.

Once I am feeling more like myself, I will start to write up our adventures in France.


Take care




3 Sisters are back from France!

Hello everyone, we are back.  We had an amazing time in France and there will be many posts about our travels.

We traveled from the French Riveria through Provence, Burgundy and up to Paris.  Then to Normandy and back to Paris.

Had a full day at the Somme Battlefields.

Went to Michellen star restaurants, to french fries at Macdonalds,

Visited beautiful gardens, castles, chateaus, ancient ruins, little villages to big cities.

We met some wonderful people and even got mistaken for Parisians.

The weather was beautiful just a little bit hot except for our last day in Paris where it was sprinkling with rain.

So with that I better lay down and get some sleep. Somehow I managed to pick up a virus while away. Oh and on the “leg” from Paris to Dubai I hurt my right leg. Long story and that will be in a post also.

Off to the doctors today to find out what I have done exactly to my leg/knee.





Montmartre and Basilica Sacre-Coeur

We arrived Montmartre and headed for the Funicular Railway.  You can either take the 300 stairs or the funicular.  Us oldies chose the railway.  As Paula had been there before we let her lead the way. We were warned about the scammers at Montmartre by our Cruise Director.  On the Sunday when they went up as part of the tour, a couple of people got conned out of $300.  If you haven’t seen them play their games, you can watch but do not gamble as you will lose.  It’s the 3 cups , which cup is the stone etc under.  You will see a couple of people “win”.  These people are all part of the scam.  That’s how  they get you in, you put your money in as you think ok if they win so can i.  Trust me you will not win.  As we were making our way to the funicular we saw lots of these scammers.  Suddenly they packed up and ran.  The police in Paris are always trying to  stop them.  I think it’s a part of Paris that will always be there.

Montmartre is on a large hill in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.  Home to many artists.



We got out of the funicular to this site.  Isn’t it amazing above and below.  The views over Paris is spellbinding.  Falling in love with this city is so easy.


So as I said before we let Paula led the way.  She knew there were lots of shops and cafes around the place.  So off we go.  Nothing!  we kept walking.  Finally we found this cafe/restaurant.  It was lovely, the lady who owned it took our photos.  Our lunch was a flan for Paula, an orange Brule for Muriel and I had a chocolate soft centred pudding.  Oh the food was yummy and the coffee and tea was just what we needed.  Paula will probably say she got us lost again.  I dont think so.  We would never have found this cafe if we had gone the “right” way instead of turning left.  That to me was the right way and thank you Paula for taking us the right way!




My soft centred chocolate pudding.


Paula’s Tart


Muriel’s Orange BruleeP8082353.JPG

We still had stairs to climb, even though we had cheated an taken the railway!


If you have ever walked with Paula you really need  to have skates on.  She zoomed up these stairs like their was no tomorrow!

Stairs to Sacre-Coeur


Many cafes in Montmartre


A tribute to the many Artists that have been inspired by Montmartre

Every where there are artists drawing and painting pictures.  Many do portraits or caricatures.  They say nowdays that it is too expensive for the artists to live in Montemartre as its too touristy.  Even though it was crowded, you can still feel the atmosphere oozing out of the coblestones.

small white mini train for those who find the cobblestones a bit tricky


Music on every corner


La Basilique due Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre

There was a huge crowd lining up to view inside.  We didn’t have to wait too long.  Inside is amazing. In respect I didnt take any photos inside.

the amazing view over Paris

Stopped to have another look at the beautiful view over Paris before leaving this wonderful part of Paris.  Its easy to imagine the place teaming with poets, writers and artists. Drinking their coffee at the many cafes, with their eyes far off in the land of wonderous words.



The  view from the funicular  railway and some of the 300 stairs
Amazing Architecture in Paris

We went and waited for the yellow hop on hop bus.  It does not run as frequently as the green bus.  However, we didn’t have to wait too long.  Changed busses at Madeleine.

Open tours

On the way back to our hotel, we saw all the lovely sights again. We drove past the Louvre, the Seine River, the Eiffel Tower.  Paris is a beautiful city and I will never get enough of it.

The Louvre
Arc de Triomphe du Carousel


Love locks along the Seine River in Paris

Walking back to our hotel we found a little cafe where we purchased our evening meal.

Did you just take a picture of us eating again!


Pay back


The views from Muriel’s balcony

We sat out on the balcony eating our dinner.  The view was amazing.  The other side of the hotel had views to the Eiffel Tower.

Looking at the map we decided that we would visit tomorrow the Pantheon and the Luxemburg gardens.  A blogger we loved had just recently been to the gardens and we wanted to see it for ourselves.


Parc Monceau

Im just re posting some of my favorite places while we are away in France.  Hope you all enjoy.



The Corinthian Pillars on the lake


When we first arrived in Paris 5 days earlier, our Cruise Director had told us of a little park about 5 minutes away from the hotel.  So today we would wander up there and have a look at this “little park” and then wander till we found somewhere to have dinner.

We had also been told to get to the Champs Elyse we could either turn left and left or right and right.  We had been going right and right.  Sometimes you should go left as you will be pleasantly surprised on what you will find.

Not even 5 minutes walk  we found Parc Monceau.  It had impressive huge gold gates and is surrounded by some amazing apartments.  We were upset with ourselves that we hadn’t visited this park before now.

A view of some of the apartments surrounding the park


The Parc is situated in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.  In 1769, the Duke of Chartres (later the Duke of Orleans) purchased a small parcel of land on which he hoped to build a garden. A pavilion was built-in the center and the Duke planned to expand the area throughout the next decade. The gardens were designed in the English style, less formal than the French style. The designer of the gardens, Louis Carrogis Carmontelle added statues of famous Frenchmen along with small-scale features such as a windmill, pyramid and some Corinthian pillars. The Duke was executed during the French revolution so it was then deemed a public park.  A new landscaper  was employed and he removed and added some other features.  The park was formally opened to the public in 1861 by Napoleon.

The grand entrance to the Park

Today the park is enjoyed by many locals, and the day we were there I think there were only a handful of tourists including us 3.  We noticed that there were vegetable gardens around in many areas of the park.  I can only assume that it was for the people living in the apartments surrounding the park.

Look at the size of these veggies!


We wish now we had visited this park more often than just the day before we were to leave Paris and head home. If you get the chance to visit this amazing park I would defiantly recommend it.

It was such a peaceful park after the busy parks/gardens we had visited in the last few days.  “Far from the maddening Crowd”

We left the park with a firm promise that we will re visit the park next time we are in Paris.

Off to find some food!