The Little White Train that could- Nice France

We went down to where the Little White Train was parked.  Many people were already sitting in it so we asked the driver and he said to hop on and he will come and get the money.  It was only 10 euros each for adults and 5 euro for children 4-12.

So we found a seat and waited for the adventure to come.  After waiting for no more than 5 mins we were off on our way.  We went down the Promenade des Anglais towards the port.   Then it veered left and went into the Place Massana, then through the flower market.  We went through small little laneways that any other vehicle unless a bike wouldn’t be able to get through.  Passing cafes with many patrons sipping their coffee and eating pastries, I could have easily lent out of the train and had a sip or a bite to eat. We meandered through the old town of Nice, back onto the Promenade des Anglais round to the Port of Nice via the Place Garibaldi.


We began to climb up a steep hill to where once many years ago a very impressive Castle.  You could see people climbing up the stairs, perhaps if I was fit I may have “tried” that,  The little white train was doing the climb much easier than if I had climbed the stairs.  At the flower market there is a lift you can use also.

The views were amazing.  We passed the ruins of the Castle – Castle Park (Parc du Chateau / Colline du Chateau). The train stops at the top for about 20 mins.  There is a little cafe where you can get cold drinks or ice cream.  Muriel and I were more interested in the views.  You could see all of Nice with their orange roofs in one direction or look out over the Bay of Angels.


Roof tops Nice


The Bay of Angels – Nice

 We boarded the little white train and it weaved its way down the hill and around the Port up the Promenade De Anglais to where we first boarded.  The trip took over an hour.  Although on the website it says 45 minutes.

We then wandered through the park to come across a festival. Decided a drink was on the agenda.  Every cafe was full to overflowing so we wandered into a Macdonalds and got a drink and a seat.  It was very hot.  When we came out we flagged down a taxi to take us back to our hotel.

Our friends we met on the trip the year before were flying in this evening from England. Peter and Tania would arrive around 9pm and would catch up with us in the lobby/cafe at the hotel for a couple of drinks.  They were staying in the same hotel.

So we went for a lie down and then a shower to freshen up.

We went down to dinner around 7pm.  Lovely restaurant it was by the pool.  We ordered drinks and something to eat and to wait for our friends.

Their flight would take around 45-50 minutes from London to Nice.  How nice it would be to live in Europe and only have a short time to travel and your in another country.

Muriel and I were trying to stay awake when finally our friends arrived.  They were exhausted and I think so were we so we had a drink a bit of a chat and decided to catch up for breakfast before going into Nice for the day.


To be continued:








Promenade des Anglais – The French Riviera


Nice is famous for its Promenade de Anglais with 7 kms of beach alongside.  The “sand” is actually small pebbles.  We watched some people walking or trying to walk on the beach.  A few were smart and had slip ons to protect their feet.  It was August and the beaches were packed.  Beach umbrellas, chairs lined the beaches.  To sit on the chairs and have an umbrella was at a cost.  So many sat on their towels.


The French Riviera – Nice

There were private beaches and even a non smoking beach.


As we approached the Promenade the color of the water  hit us with its electric blue.  Azure blue – picture a postcard and that’s what we saw.  No enhancement or filter what you see on the postcard we saw in real life.  We stood and watched all the activities on the beach. Parasailing was very popular.  People were lining up to be swept above the blue waters of the Bay of Angels.  I think it is safe to say that both Muriel and I were very happy to watch them but not join them 🙂 It sure looked like fun from the safety of the Promenade.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter an hour or two of watching the never-ending line up of people get ready, be taken up in the air and then coming back in, we decided to walk further along the promenade.  We saw quite a few soldiers walking with guns held across their bodies.  The French are very aware of the possibility of terrorism.  Back in July 2016 on Bastille Day a truck was deliberately driven into the crowd along the same promenade we were walking on.  86 people were killed and many more injured.  Some of our tour group that we were on last year had gone through Nice the day after the attacks.  I think they might be counting their lucky stars on missing the attack by 1 day.

We saw a lovely park opposite the promenade and decided we would walk through the park to the main part of town for a drink.  As we crossed the road I looked further down the road and saw a little white train.  I said to Muriel lets go and see where it takes us.

To be continued:






Nice France …Apollo and the Sun Fountain

We got off the train and followed the crowd through to the exit.  Nice train station was so busy. We stopped and looked around to take in the sights and sounds. Ice cream seller to the left and police to the right.  We decided to head left and go from there. It seemed the crowd was heading left.

Sometimes you just want to pinch yourself when you arrive in a new town and this was one of them.  It’s real, we are here on the Riviera. I wanted to breathe in the atmosphere.

Ahead we saw trams so figured it was a main road.  Since getting home we have learnt you can take the tram and be from one end of town to the other in 17 mins.  There is a tram line from the airport to the city being built.  Hence all the road works etc.  Its expected to be finished in 2018.

We decided to walk along the boulevard down to the esplanade.  This way we can soak up more of the atmosphere.. The boulevard is lined with Palm trees. Many cafes and restaurants and department stores also lined the street. The street was teeming with locals and tourists.   It was August the peak of the summer season.

We walked through Massena Square and stopped to take several pictures of the Sun Fountain/Fontaine du Soleil. It’s an impressive fountain with the Greek God Apollo in the centre.  He stands  7 metres tall or 23 feet.  According to the Greek Mythology he drive his four-horse chariot across the sky to move the sun.  The four horses are sitting on his head.  Surrounding him are 5 statues in bronze representing Earth, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury.  For a while he was too racy for the town of Nice and was banished to a local football ground.  His manhood was far too big and not in proportion to the rest of the statue.  Finally in 2011 he was allowed to return.


As you can see its very popular for “that photo”  Apollo, the Sun Fountain and Bree


After several photos, which you the reader will be able to see on Instagram we made our way to the Promenade.

to be continued:








French Riviera – Nice

The bus from the airport took us fairly close to our Hotel.  We still did have a bit of a walk and it was hot!  Of course it was hot, it was the French Riviera after all !

After a quick check in we were in our room.  We quickly changed and took off to head into Nice.  We were not going to waste a minute as we were only there for a day. Reception said the easiest way was to walk to the train and catch it into the city.


Deviations everywhere from our Hotel at Nice Airport to Nice St Augustin Station.

Easy they said.  They forgot about the road works happening all around where we were staying.  It took us about 25 minutes to walk to the train station.  It should have been at the most 10 minutes to Nice St Augustin Station. Yes you guessed it we missed the train and had to wait for the next one.

30 minutes later and the train arrived.

It was lovely seeing all the dogs waiting with their owners to catch the train.  Love the way Europe allows pets onto the public transport.  All well-behaved including their owners.

Our ticket allowed us to board into the economy class or level 2.  It was only 1 stop into the centre of Nice.

Before we knew it our train had arrived at Gare de Nice Augustin.

Our holiday had started in earnest.


The Versatile Blogger Award

We arrived home from Europe early September to find out that 3sistersabroad had been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.  The lovely nominated us for the award.  Thank you so much we do appreciate the award. Please do go over and check out the blog.  Lots of lovely recipes to be found.



According to the Versatile Blogger Award Rules, I need to do five things to preserve the spirit of this award:

#1 Nominees should know that if you are nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, you have already won

#2 Display the Versatile Blogger Award logo on my post.

#3 Write and publish a blog post thanking and linking back to the person who nominated me

#4 List seven random facts about myself

  1. I have a fear of heights (flying, small spaces, etc)
  2. I used to play Netball – basketball 6 days a week with one day two games.  We won every grand final.  From A grade to D grade.  I did this until I suffered with a shin splint.  Oh I even played in the grand final with the injury and we won!
  3. I love orange, red and green vegetables.
  4. I am not a salad eater.
  5. I love to read, blogs and books. When I was at primary school I was reading to a high school level.
  6. I have 2 older sisters – part of this blog Muriel and Paula and a brother Gavin who is also older than me. Yes I am the “baby”
  7. Would love to live in Europe.  If I win the big lotto I am on a jet plane!

#5 Nominate up to 15 other blogs that you follow and believe deserve recognition for their hard work.


  1. Jen from spoonfuls of glitter does just that.  Little spoons of glitter to help with many aspects of life with an invisible illness.  Please go over and check her blog out.
  2.    Linda from the dutch baker has some of the most amazing recipes on her blog.  You will want to bake as soon as you look at her recipes.
  3.    Elizabeth has a love of photography and writing and raising awareness of Nets & Carcinoid Syndrome.
  4. Alyson from the Gardenia Trails is from the States, lives in Florida with her husband Jason and their puppy.  They are currently living in Italy while Jason plays basketball.  The year before they were living in Paris.  Please go and check out her blog of their adventures in Europe and home.
  5. Deepika from Feet on the map comes from a family of travelers.  I have enjoyed reading her travels for quite a while now and I am sure you will also.


Thank you to everyone who reads our blog, we do appreciate it.  Thank you to everyone that I follow.  Your all such a diverse and amazing bunch of people who  no matter what subjects you write about you have the same love of writing.





Dubai – Nice

Finally we boarded our flight from Dubai to Emirates.  Our seats were down the back of the plane.  Even before our flight left, people were moving seats, as the flight was not fully booked.  We thought that was strange as here in Australia they like you to sit in your booked seat until the plane is in the air and the seat belt sign was turned off.

We were both getting excited as it was roughly only 7 hours to Nice give or take a few minutes.

So we settled into our flight and watched a heap of movies to wile away the time.

One of the channels was the flight path we were taking.  I did have photos of it all but somehow I have managed to delete them.  I was getting excited as we went straight up over Italy!  I haven’t been there yet but I have now flown over the country.

It seemed to go so quickly and we were getting ready to land.  As we flew in you could see the hundreds of boats out on the Mediterranean.  Even from the plane windows the Azure waters looked inviting.

Then we had landed and before we knew it we were getting our bags, going through passport check.  It was so quick!

We found the bus that would take us near our hotel, yet we still had a fair walk.

Next post will be our exciting time in Nice!  We both loved it and one day we will go back and stay a few more days.



Don’t forget you can see more photos of our holiday on our Instagram account! Plus my adventures in Melbourne.


Bree the youngest sister.





Dubai Airport

Our first stop was Dubai.  We arrived there about 2.30 am.  We thought we had found our gate to catch the flight to Nice. However, discovered that in Dubai they do things just a little bit different.

As we walked trying to find a cafe etc we discovered we had to go through a customs, passport check.

Finally we were through and could then get ourselves a cuppa, something to eat perhaps.

Don’t laugh for those who know me but we decided on Macdonald’s.  They had a Mcafe so we found a seat and I went up and ordered 2 large flat whites.  It was $25 UAE for the 2 or $11.25  Not that expensive lol although I had a mild heart thumping when I saw the $25 go up on the till.  The coffee was lovely.


As anywhere in the world at airports you chat to the people sitting next to you.  A family of 4 were on their way to Ireland to see the grandparents. They were from Australia, they had landed not long before us.  They were from Sydney.

We then wandered around looked in the Duty Free shops.  Lots of lovely things to buy however both of us couldn’t be bothered buying anything.

Eventually we went to our departure lounge.  Again we had to go through a check in system.

The airport is having lots of building going on, so you can imagine how crazy it all was.  Dubai is a  very busy airport, but will be honest I much preferred Changi Airport.  Much cleaner and they had an awesome transit lounge.

So back onto the next flight and onwards to Nice!

I was looking forward to watching some more movies and fingers crossed some sleep.  Didn’t want to get to Nice and be that tired that we would waste the afternoon.

France here we come!  It’s scary because you want to get there, but you know that it goes too quickly and before you blink your home and the holiday is but a memory.






RA Blog Week 2017 – A Feast of Great Blogs — My Medical Musings

This week has been the Annual Rheumatoid Arthritis week. My friend Sam from Medical Musings has put together some amazing blogs on RA. Each day they were given a topic to write about and at the end of the week they were asked to highlight some of the great blogs. My friend Sam from Medical Musings has put together the blogs she loved.


This week I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the Annual RA Blog Week. It’s a wonderful event for bloggers from around the world to share their insights on what it’s like living with Rheumatoid Arthritis & often other associated autoimmune diseases. Each day of the week a topic is chosen for bloggers to write […]

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Emergency department at the hospital

Hello Everyone

Yesterday I saw my doctor who agreed with me that I should head to the ED.  He wrote a letter for me to take along with all my details of my MRI and X-ray.

Arrived there today at 12 ish…wheelchair went to the triage who gave me some great pain killers.  I was only sitting in the ED for less than 10 minutes when I was wheeled in to be looked at.  I was home by 2pm.

Crutches, pain killers, toilet seat so I can sit easily and a really good splint that I must wear day and night.  I will see the surgeon next week at the clinic at the hospital.

The nurse that took me in knew my pain as she has had 2 ACL’s and fracture.  She is a professional soccer player.  It was nice when someone understands the pain you’re in.

I actually think out of all of this that my pain level is quite high.

Anyway I will have plenty of time to write on the blog and do some posts that I have been nominated for.  I have also been asked to write a couple of posts on other blogs re chronic illness/pain and traveling.


Thought I had better keep you all posted.


Bree (the youngest sister)


In flight vegetarian meals!

We left Perth on time and Muriel and I got settled in and began watching the huge amount of movies that were on offer with Emirates.

I had ordered vegetarian meals for my flight as they were not able to offer fish free meals.  My first meal came and all I can say it was horrid.  Somehow they got confused and had put me on a strict vegan.  I couldn’t eat it.  I have cooked vegetarian and also eaten vegan meals and they have been yummy.

I did go down to the galley and asked if they had any leftover meals I would love it.  Explained to them of my fish allergy.

Within minutes I had a lovely chicken meal that any one eating paleo or clean eating would have loved.

They also said they will let the next leg – flight and return flights to Australia to change it to a standard meal.

The wine was lovely 🙂

The Wine

The Wine


So our first stop would be Dubai.  That’s  a post in itself.