1 year of blogging!



3 Sisters Abroad – Me (black hat), Paula, Muriel
Oh wow, where do I begin?  A year of blogging.  When I started 12 months ago I never in my wildest dreams thought I would still be blogging a year later.

It all started as a whim while we were on our cruise last year.  Its funny how things started.  There we were on a cruise up the Rhine laughing and joking about how we were going to be famous and those people who were snubbing their nose at us would be wishing they hadn’t.

I want to thank everyone who reads our posts, comments and likes. Without all of you our readers it would be just me -Bree typing to the air.

In just over 24 hours we will flying to Nice France to begin another chapter in our travels.

Catch us over the next 2 weeks via our instagram @3sistersabroad.




Reunited 3 Sisters 

Today the 3 sisters Muriel, Paula and Me -Bree meet for lunch with Richard who we met on the cruise from last year. My bestie Lyn also came. Lyn was supposed to have come with us last year but 7 weeks out from when we were to leave she had a very unfortunate accident. Broke her leg in many places and was in hospital for at least 5 weeks. 

Left to right : Bree ( me) Richard, Muriel, Lyn, Paula . 

Tomorrow night we head to the airport to start our holiday. 

To Paula, Lyn and Richard I wish you 3 were coming with us. You will be with us in spirit. 

Whats in the suitcase for France?


Tomorrow I fly to Perth to spend a few days with family and friends before Muriel and I fly to Nice France.

I haven’t even packed my suitcase will attempt to do that today.  Not only will I have my clothes for the holiday but will have to also have clothes for Perth weird winter weather.

I am taking some clothes that I will leave at my sisters place for when i visit there again.

I have a few new things to take this year.  A long dress!! Those that know me I have never been a dress person.  I will wear this dress to the Moulin Rouge and perhaps one of the captains special dinners.  Thank you Susanne from Veducci clothing.  Somehow I purchased 3 dresses when I had a clothing party that my friend Susanne  hosted. I met her at fundraiser for Tuberous Sclerosis last year, and with Susanne’s encouragement I joined the View Club.  They raise funds for the Smith Family.

I have the usual suspects my favorite bamboo pants and t/shirts.  These are so good for traveling and every day use.  You can wear them out with a nice top for dinner or out shopping or like me they have become my everyday wear.

I will have my 2 pair of black dressy crepe pants that I will each night at dinner with one of the many tops I have.

I also have the long skirt I purchased in Montmartre Paris and the top I purchased in Bonn Germany. I will wear this outfit at dinner also.  I have a couple of scarves and will no doubt purchase a few more as they can make an outfit different.

I will also have a pair of pants that I purchased from Veducci, blue and white pattern, which I can wear to dinner or on one of the many outings we will be going on.

Shoes – I have a pair of blue leather converse sneakers and a pair of black Frankie 4 sandals.  These sandals are so comfy and “The FRANKiE4 Functional Footbeds are Podiatrist & Physiotherapist designed. They boast features that support your entire foot: rear foot, midfoot and forefoot are all supported.” as quoted on their website.

I also have a pair of very cheap Kmart brand shoes that have a velcro band which I will wear on the plane.  Easy on Easy off.

I will be posting mainly on Instagram while away as I will only have my phone.  So to keep up with the holiday please head over to Instagram @3sistersabroad. If you follow me I follow you.

So if I don’t answer you or comment that’s why.


Have a great day xx





A bit of good ole Aussie Birdlife

Nearly every day since moving down to Rosebud, we have been getting visitors in our backyard.  I love the name Rosebud as Roses is one of my favorite flowers of which I have many.

This morning I pulled up the kitchen blind and this is what I saw.  Some days there are two or more.  Today he was on his own.

Looked like he was contemplating life.

The Kookaburra 


The Kookaburra 

It was a bit windy this morning.  Just after I took this picture he did his “laugh”. I missed it.


This particular Kookaburra is a Laughing Kookaburra from the Kingfisher family.  They are found mainly on the east coast of Australia.

Kookaburras eat mice, rats, snakes, lizards and the odd small bird.  Oh they also like to swoop between you and your partner to pinch the sausage you were both eating.  All we heard was the noise of its wings, it never touched either of us.  It was funny to watch it “kill” the sausage in the tree.  Banging it on a branch again and again.


Parrot – Rosella

This gorgeous bird the Rosella was in the front garden just the other day.  Again it was the pulling the bedroom blind up to see this.

I really do feel so lucky living where I do with all the beautiful bird life.


Time to think of whats going in the backpack

In just over a week I will be heading to Perth for a couple of days then heading to Nice France. I was sitting here in my nice warm cosy lounge room and it was like eeek, I better start thinking about what I am putting in the backpack.

I went to my archived posts on the blog to see what I took last time and I am pretty sure I will do the same.  Medications, change of clothes, lip gloss, moisturizer, hand wipes, rain jacket. Phone and charger and camera charger. Passport, travel papers, insurance papers.

My camera will be in my cross body bag. It big enough to fit my camera with its new lens, SD cards, my wallet.  I may even have my passport in it…

My medications will take up one side of the backpack.  Its crazy the amount I have to take with me.  Thyroid medication, pain medication x 3 lots, antibiotics, prednisone, valium,  my asthma medications.

Do you think there is anything else I should take? I am taking some books over to Perth in my luggage that I have read to give to Paula and when she is done with them she can hand them to Muriel.

I might get a trashy magazine to read on the flight.


Gastroparesis Awareness Month

August marks the month for awareness of Gastroparesis.  I have a few friends who have this chronic illness in varying degrees.  My friend Erin has explained in detail what it means to someone who battles on a day to day basis with this disease.  Please have a read.  I thank you for your time.

Today, the 1st of August, kicks off Gastroparesis Awareness Month! What is Gastroparesis and why is it important that we have a month dedicated to its awareness and advocacy? Gastroparesis (GP) is a condition that basically means “paralysed stomach”. People who have it have stomachs that don’t work properly. Instead of being able to squeeze, digest, […]

via Gastroparesis Awareness Month! — A Chronic Spoonful

15 days till France

This time last year the 3 sisters were in Europe.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have even thought that I would be going back.

In 15 days Muriel and I will be boarding a flight from Perth to begin our journey. I am flying to Perth on the Saturday before to spend a few days with family and friends.  The 3 sisters will be catching up with another traveler we met on our cruise last year.

I am in the excited, anxious phase of have I got everything, do I need anything.  I have all my medications ready to go in my backpack. My clothes are sorted and my shoes.  I am getting my hair trimmed and a color put in it tomorrow.  Muriel has booked me in for a trim and shampoo on the Tuesday we are flying out.  A girl has to look good.

I have decided to leave the Mac Air at home and just take my phone and camera.  Just in case rules change while we are away with having lap tops in the cabin.

I will be posting pictures on my Instagram account @3sistersabroad.  and my Facebook page.  I will try to post a couple of blog posts while away.  Will depend on internet and time.  I know from last year we were on the go from the minute we woke till we put our heads on the pillow.


The countdown is on!




Welcome the new Sister to 3 sisters abroad.

Wow a year ago we 3 sisters were in Zurich at the start of our holiday.  How time flies!  It  is Muriel’s birthday today and last year due to the time difference she celebrated for 2 days!  As you do and isn’t that a fun thing! Happy Birthday for today Muriel xx


Unfortunately  Paula will not be on this holiday due to personal family reasons. However, Paula will be with us in our hearts.

We will have a 3rd Sister with us on this next trip to France.  Last year we met at the Zurich Airport a lovely family Peter, Tania and one of their sons Luke. We became very close on the trip.  When I told Tania we were going to France they decided they would come with us.  Excellent!!

They will be catching up with family in London then coming to Nice where I am sure a few drinks will be had.

I have tried to add a picture of Tania and myself when we met for drinks after one of my numerous hospital appointments but somehow it won’t let me.  Maybe later.

Oh good its let me add the picture.  So please welcome Tania to the 3 Sisters.




My phone is home!

Yesterday my house mate and I ventured to IKEA…..and we both survived.  I think we were there for 3 hours.  We did stop for a cuppa and a gluten free cake.  We had a list of things we wanted.  Came out with loads of goodies but nothing that was on the list.  Afterwards we drove down to the beach and let the dogs have a quick run on the sand.

Then I noticed that I had a missed call, so I rang it.  Vodafone Tim here …Bree your phone is back from the hospital.

I raced down to the shops and was reunited with my phone.  No idea what was wrong with her.  Perhaps she is like me and has an auto immune condition.  At least its now recorded and if she does this again, I will get a new phone.  Oh how I missed her.  Android phones are just too hard.  I love my I phone.

Today, we got our wifi connected which will give us contact with the social media world until November when we can get the National Broadband connected. (NBN)

I never realized how much I rely on social media to connect with the outside world.  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress., Email.  Even private messenger.

So I am back and oh guess what? 2 weeks this Saturday I leave for Perth Western Australia to catch up with family and friends then its off to France on the Tuesday.



When your phone needs to go to hospital!

Yesterday the unthinkable happened . My new i phone “died”.  We tried vainly to inject some life into her.  The staff member at the shop spent at least 45 minutes on her trying to get life into her weak body.  Was not to be, so she has been sent via I phone ambulance to the I phone hospital.  We will be reunited in about 7-10 days.

They have given me an android phone.  So basic  yet so hard to use.  I am relying on the generosity of the library service here in Victoria to be able to connect to the outside world.

Internet at home will not be available until September.  So that to a blogger and a social media lover is like being sent to your room with no phone, no tv, nothing!!

So if I dont respond to you please know I am not ignoring you.  I am on the i cloud with no cloud.


So I have put my favourite picture of Paris up for you all to check out.

Eiffel Tower