1 year of blogging!



3 Sisters Abroad – Me (black hat), Paula, Muriel
Oh wow, where do I begin?  A year of blogging.  When I started 12 months ago I never in my wildest dreams thought I would still be blogging a year later.

It all started as a whim while we were on our cruise last year.  Its funny how things started.  There we were on a cruise up the Rhine laughing and joking about how we were going to be famous and those people who were snubbing their nose at us would be wishing they hadn’t.

I want to thank everyone who reads our posts, comments and likes. Without all of you our readers it would be just me -Bree typing to the air.

In just over 24 hours we will flying to Nice France to begin another chapter in our travels.

Catch us over the next 2 weeks via our instagram @3sistersabroad.





Whats in the suitcase for France?


Tomorrow I fly to Perth to spend a few days with family and friends before Muriel and I fly to Nice France.

I haven’t even packed my suitcase will attempt to do that today.  Not only will I have my clothes for the holiday but will have to also have clothes for Perth weird winter weather.

I am taking some clothes that I will leave at my sisters place for when i visit there again.

I have a few new things to take this year.  A long dress!! Those that know me I have never been a dress person.  I will wear this dress to the Moulin Rouge and perhaps one of the captains special dinners.  Thank you Susanne from Veducci clothing.  Somehow I purchased 3 dresses when I had a clothing party that my friend Susanne  hosted. I met her at fundraiser for Tuberous Sclerosis last year, and with Susanne’s encouragement I joined the View Club.  They raise funds for the Smith Family.

I have the usual suspects my favorite bamboo pants and t/shirts.  These are so good for traveling and every day use.  You can wear them out with a nice top for dinner or out shopping or like me they have become my everyday wear.

I will have my 2 pair of black dressy crepe pants that I will each night at dinner with one of the many tops I have.

I also have the long skirt I purchased in Montmartre Paris and the top I purchased in Bonn Germany. I will wear this outfit at dinner also.  I have a couple of scarves and will no doubt purchase a few more as they can make an outfit different.

I will also have a pair of pants that I purchased from Veducci, blue and white pattern, which I can wear to dinner or on one of the many outings we will be going on.

Shoes – I have a pair of blue leather converse sneakers and a pair of black Frankie 4 sandals.  These sandals are so comfy and “The FRANKiE4 Functional Footbeds are Podiatrist & Physiotherapist designed. They boast features that support your entire foot: rear foot, midfoot and forefoot are all supported.” as quoted on their website.

I also have a pair of very cheap Kmart brand shoes that have a velcro band which I will wear on the plane.  Easy on Easy off.

I will be posting mainly on Instagram while away as I will only have my phone.  So to keep up with the holiday please head over to Instagram @3sistersabroad. If you follow me I follow you.

So if I don’t answer you or comment that’s why.


Have a great day xx





15 days till France

This time last year the 3 sisters were in Europe.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have even thought that I would be going back.

In 15 days Muriel and I will be boarding a flight from Perth to begin our journey. I am flying to Perth on the Saturday before to spend a few days with family and friends.  The 3 sisters will be catching up with another traveler we met on our cruise last year.

I am in the excited, anxious phase of have I got everything, do I need anything.  I have all my medications ready to go in my backpack. My clothes are sorted and my shoes.  I am getting my hair trimmed and a color put in it tomorrow.  Muriel has booked me in for a trim and shampoo on the Tuesday we are flying out.  A girl has to look good.

I have decided to leave the Mac Air at home and just take my phone and camera.  Just in case rules change while we are away with having lap tops in the cabin.

I will be posting pictures on my Instagram account @3sistersabroad.  and my Facebook page.  I will try to post a couple of blog posts while away.  Will depend on internet and time.  I know from last year we were on the go from the minute we woke till we put our heads on the pillow.


The countdown is on!




Noorilim Estate Mansion – Murchison

Today the View club that I am a member of had an excursion to Noorilim Estate in Murchison Victoria.


This Mansion was built in 1879 and since then has had 10 owners.  The first owners were the Winter family.  Its long history has included a sheep and cattle station, a thoroughbred horse stud, private residence and recently a vineyard.

Noorilim Estate

The property was purchased by the Menzies family in 1998.  Brandon Menzies and his wife live at the property and have recently began holding tours of the grounds and the mansion.

As you drive down the long winding roadway with the towering trees and vineyards on either side, you know your going to be in for a treat.

The tree-lined driveway with vineyards either side

As the huge double doors opened up and we walked into the entry, all 22 of us.  There was room for many more.  On every wall there was beautiful artwork.  I do remember a couple of pieces were done by Brett Whitley.

The main bedroom, the bed is so high off the ground you need a ladder to get up onto it. 


Not only was this a beautiful mansion so lovingly restored to its former glory, it was like you had stepped into an art museum. We were instructed we could take photos however no close up of the paintings.

The Entrance  – more artwork.  

Noorlim Estate is classified by the National Trust, is on the Victorian Heritage Register and Register of the National Estate.

Looking towards the front door – see the artwork everywhere


The homestead is surrounded by 22 acres of landscaped botanical gardens that are listed in the top 90 historic gardens by the Victorian Government.  Original tress are Moreton Bay Figs, Date Palms, Bunya Bunya, Hoop Pines, Kurrajongs, Citron Scented Gums, Cedars Elms and Oaks were planted shortly after completion of the homestead in 1879.  Making them some of the oldest specimens in the country.  It’s a beautiful place to  find a shady spot to enjoy a picnic in the peace and quiet.

The gardens and surrounding bushland are home to over 150 species of native birds and mammals including Laughing Kookaburras, Cockatoos, Parrots, Koalas and Kangaroos.

The lake and geese

After the tour we all had a cuppa and a biscuit then we made our way into the town of Murchison.

I throughly  recommend visiting this magnificent property.  Nothing is roped off, well not today as we wandered around.  A few of us went up the stairs to the bell tower, what an amazing view over the property.  Wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to take some photos I somehow managed to climb the tiny stairs.

The Tower


Many more photos of the Estate will be on my instagram page @3sistersabroad




200 + Wow Thank you

Thank you to each and everyone of you.  We have over 200 readers. Its way over the 200 mark now.


We are very appreciative of all your likes, comments and sharing of this blog.

Again thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog.

With many thanks


Bree, Paula and Muriel


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